Me, Aaron McCloud.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in Art Modeling Mastery:

  • How to land your first gigs.
  • How to grow your clientele, from in-person networking to online marketing.
  • How to immediately start lining up gigs, paying from $45 to $60.
  • A sample photography release form, in case you're asked to pose for photographs.
  • How to deal with the 1% of difficult artists.
  • How to come across as a professional at all times.
  • What to expect working as a model.
  • Tips for holding poses.
  • Basic and advanced art and modeling terminology.
  • Ideas for quality, 'interesting' poses, and places to get more pose ideas.
  • Interviews with long time art models talking about their craft, and sharing tricks and details gleaned from their decades of experience.
  • Best practices for e-mail and personal correspondence.
  • What tools you should be prepared with, and bring to every gig.

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