Me, Aaron McCloud.

I'm Aaron McCloud, and I've been art modeling since the beginning of 2012. These days modeling makes up the bulk of my income and, though I'll never become part of the 1% by art modeling, it pays the bills and supports me.

The story of how I started art modeling is rather odd. Especially since I was one of the awkward, dweeby kids in high school who knew pi to over 50 decimal places. I never thought I would be modeling professionally.

I was having trouble making ends meet after graduating from college, and one morning I woke up next to my girlfriend at the time. She looked at me and said, "You know, you're gorgeous.”

Awwww... I really didn't think so, but she persisted and helped set me up with my first few modeling gigs. I felt that it would be really awkward, and almost flaked on that first day, but I actually enjoyed my first gig. The money was pretty good, and well... the rest is history.

I model in the Seattle area and built up a significant client base in a relatively short period of time. I treat modeling like any other job - I'm on time, professional, have business cards, and do my very best to communicate and make the entire drawing class experience enjoyable.

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